What in a lifetime? | July 11, 2006

Living on an Island that doesn’t have a McDonalds or a Walmart, although a Dairy Queen sneaked in forty years ago, we rely on each other and our local businesses a bit more. The costs for everything increase a great deal “because they have to come in on the ferry”.  Businesses open in the tourist season charging high prices “because we have to earn a year’s income in 5 months” but charge the same high prices to those of us who live there year round as if we are the rich on a vacation.

There are a lot of issues similar to other communiuties.  I saw an article about how people in Harlem who are getting put out on the street by real estate sharks. The community  started “Project Remain” for those who want to fight to stay and not be pushed out.

 Things are changing on our Island, too. Nothing is staying the same. Lots of young families and people getting ready to retire have to leave. I thought of myself and family.

If we had our own “Project Remain”  what is essential in our lifetime, or even within the next 2-5 years, that has to happen for me to decide to stay?  The three biggies for us are health care, an Island job with a living wage that will pay the mortgage , and affordable transportation.

What would your “Project Remain” look like in your community?  What would it take for you to stay in place for 5 years or more, or do you have to leave soon?  Where would you go or what would you look for?


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I am simply a person who believes that there is enough to go around in this country to sustain those of us in the "uncrowd": the uninsured, unemployed and underemployed, or who live in unaffordable housing. I also believe that it helps to share our stories about what works and doesn't work yet.







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